Big Data Ai Enablement

Big Data AI Enablement

What is Big Data AI Enablement?

The term Big data AI Enablement refers to massive, complex and high velocity datasets. As stated above, big data is the fuel that powers the evolution of AI’s decision making. Big data can be explored and analyzed for information and insights. Big data analytics is the use of processes and technologies, including AI and machine learning, to combine and analyze massive datasets with the goal of identifying patterns and developing actionable insights. This helps you make faster, better, data-driven decisions that can increase efficiency, revenue and profits.

The term artificial intelligence refers to a set of technologies which enable computers to simulate human intelligence. Examples of AI include speech recognition, such directing virtual assistants like Alexa to perform tasks, image recognition for identification, and autonomous driving. AI also makes augmented analytics tools more powerful and accessible, helping you explore and analyze sprawling, unstructured data to gain greater clarity and understanding of the many factors influencing your business.

Objectives of Big Data Ai Enablement?

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Transformation of big data AI Enablement into productivity tools

Big Data AI enablement may appear to be a technological and scalability problem at first. However, as an enterprise you have to understand that data enablement is a journey that involves significant changes in people and processes to influence the very culture of the business.

Data Analytics

We understand how to distinguish between the signal and the noise. Data, analytics are paving the way for new ways for businesses to expand and differentiate themselves from the competition at a faster rate. Data and analytics are already being used at a large scale by more than half (52%) of the enterprises with future-ready operations. By rethinking how data and AI efforts are implemented in line with business strategy, an organization is able to quickly realize its ROI.

Data becomes the ultimate competitive asset and differentiator with Data-led Transformation, and enterprises can reposition their offers, extend capabilities, and improve data and AI maturity to create new sources of value and sustainable development by scaling AI with the cloud.

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Big Data AI Enablement

Relationship in between Big Data Ai Enablement

Big data and artificial intelligence have a synergistic relationship. AI requires a massive scale of data to learn and improve decision-making processes and big data analytics leverages AI for better data analysis. With this convergence, you can more easily leverage advanced analytics capabilities like augmented or predictive analytics and more efficiently surface actionable insights from your vast stores of data. With big data AI powered analytics, you can empower your users with the intuitive tools and robust technologies they need to extract high-value insights from data, fostering data literacy across your organization while reaping the benefits of becoming a truly data-driven organization.

By bringing together big data and AI technology, companies can improve business performance and efficiency by:

  • Anticipating and capitalizing on emerging industry and market trends.
  • Analyzing consumer behavior and automating customer segmentation
  • Personalizing and optimizing the performance of digital marketing campaigns
  • Using intelligent decision support systems fueled by big data, AI, and predictive analytics

AI Big Data Analytics.

AI can assist users in all phases of the big data cycle, or the processes involved in the aggregation, storage, and retrieval of diverse types of data from various sources. These include data management, pattern management, context management, decision management, action management, goal management, and risk management.

AI can identify data types, find possible connections among datasets, and recognize knowledge using natural language processing. It can be used to automate and accelerate data preparation tasks, including the generation of data models, and assist in data exploration. It can learn common human error patterns, detecting and resolving potential flaws in information. And it can learn by watching how the user interacts with an analytics program, surfacing unexpected insights from massive datasets fast.

AI can also learn subtle differences in meaning, or context-specific nuances, in order to help users better understand numeric data sources. And it can alert users to anomalies or unexpected patterns in data, actively monitoring events and identifying potential threats from system logs or social networking data.

Benefits of Big Data Ai Enablement

  • Deviation detection: AI can analyse the data provided by Big Data to detect unusual occurrences in it. For example, through sensors, marking predefined ranges and identifying any anomalies that go out of range.
  • Probability of future outcome: AI can use a known condition with an X probability of influencing the future outcome to determine the probability of that outcome.
  • Pattern recognition: Detect patterns from large data structures that humans would be unable to recognize.

These benefits would not be possible without Machine Learning (ML); driving force of artificial intelligence. It is a technique, belonging to the field of AI, that feeds data machines so that they are able to accurately mimic human processes and learn to make decisions autonomously, based on algorithms.

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